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  • Company foundation

    The Decken- und Fertigteil- Baugesellschaft mbH & Co. KG is founded.

  • First delivery

    The first precast ceiling were delivered on August 1, 1967. The goal for production is to produce 200 m² of precast ceiling per day. Sales started slowly with five to six employees. A furmorer of 330DM was generated in the year. The production and manufacturing processes are considered progressive: The waste heat from the sand-lime brick factory is used to dry the concrete.

    The concrete mixed on the construction site, which is transported using conveyor belts, is just as advanced.

    The building contractors learn to appreciate these advantages in the following years and the company grows. The production halls and the product portfolio were expanded. In addition to precast ceiling, the product range also includes wall elements, staircases, jambs and rings out of concrete.

  • New facilities

    The next investment came in 1993 with the construction of a straightening and cutting system.

  • Company anniversary

    To mark the 30th anniversary the Decken- und Fertigteil- Baugesellschaft employs 25 people and has a production volume of 500-600 m² precast ceiling per day.

  • New circulation system, new factory management

    The following year, investments were made installing a circulation system and Frank Lütjens was appointed factory manager.

  • Office expansion

    In 2006 the offices were expanded in front of the production halls. Five years later additional jobs had to be provided. New office space was created through containers. A year later the ceiling and precast construction company acquired the former sand-lime brick factory with a single-family house in which an office was set up.

  • Special parts and walls

    The company continued to grow constantly in the following years. In 2007 there were already 45 employees. In addition to special parts and wall elements, production now generates 700-800 m² of precast ceiling every day.

  • More office capacity and storage space was created

    In 2016, the company acquired the local mineral works for this purpose.

  • Moving to the new office building

    The Decken- und Fertigteil- Baugesellschaft has around 70 employees in 2017 and now has a production volume of 1000 m² of precast ceiling, 150 m² of wall elements as well as various stairs, balconies and special parts per day. The employees are moving from three buildings into the new office building.

  • Construction begins in Dägeling

    Construction of the plant in Dägeling started in 2018. Production starts in the same year.

  • Fusion to form DEFEBA GmbH & Co. KG

    Fusion of Decken- und Fertigteil-Baugesellschaft mbH & Co. KG and Sievers Deckenwerk GmbH & Co.KG in Lürschau to form DEFEBA GmbH & Co.KG with its headquarters in Schalkholz.

  • Introduction of the LEP “Low-Emission-Precast” brand

    We invented the term „Low-Emission-Precast“, which ist protected as a trademark. Our goal is to produce the highest quality of precast concrete parts with minimal emissions for people and the environment.