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Environmentally conscious prefabricated parts to protect nature

LEP-Bloxx special parts

In addition to our Bloxxsystem, we also offer other products from our LEP product range. These special parts fullfill the requirements of sustainability and environmental protection.

This resulted in an e-charging station holder that does not require an extra foundation. Durable base shells ensure reliable drainage and root protection plates protect tree roots and cycle paths without any special soil structure.

A few years ago DEFEBA decided to only use separating agents from the company ecoratio for the production of ceiling and wall elements, as well as special components. These are harmless the processors and the environment.

Compared to the competition, these separating agents are more expensive, but they still have a lot of added value for us. We therefore accept the additional costs and hope that our customers will appreciate the advantages and benefits of our concrete products, also in view of processing and the separating agent.


Mounting for E-charging station


Our e-charging station mounting was designed to be installed without an extra foundation. It is approved for all wind load zones and is available as a single or double charging station. If requested, we can also supply the appropriate charging station.



Gutter of precast concrete units


Our base shells for surface drainage are suitable for road, landfill and railway drainage. They are easy to use and effective in their function.


Root protection plates


Our root protection panels are environmental friendly and protect the nature. The panels are manufactured individually. They also match with the current valid road construction requirements.

Are you interested or have questions about our LEP-Bloxx products?
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