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DEFEBA GmbH & Co.KG – “Low Emission Precast”

Identify challenges – accept tasks – act with confidence and sense


The construction industry is facing major challenges, influenced by changing times, a lack of energy and climate change. In line of demand and affordable housing has to be created. At the same time, it is important to implement the goal of climate neutrality and a reliable circular economy.

DEFEBA GmbH & Co. KG faces current and future requirements.

By the term “Low-Emission-Precast” we understand our commitment to produce the highest quality of precast concrete parts, taking into account minimal emissions for people and the environment.

We try to work resource-efficiently throughout the entire manufacturing process. Starting with the delivery of the raw materials to the shipment of the precast concrete parts. We pay attention to short supply chains and savings in the concrete composition. The mineral raw materials of concrete are normally transported over short distances. They are largely mined in the area around our three factories.

Around 90% of the concrete and its mineral components can be “recycled”. We try to use CO2-reduced cement, if possible.

The claim that concrete components perform worse in the life cycle assessment than other building materials has largely been refuted by science.

Environmental awareness starts with little things

A few years ago DEFEBA decided to only use separating agents from the company ecoratio for the production of ceiling and wall elements, as well as special components. These are harmless to the processors and the environment.

Compared to the competition, these separating agents are more expensive, but they still have a lot of added value for us. We therefore accept the additional costs and hope that our customers will appreciate the advantages and benefits of our concrete products, also in view of processing and the separating agent.